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Buyers guide for growing beards

Since the time No Shave November has become famous all around the globe and men are growing beards throughout the year. The beard look is ‘THE’ look that all men are going for.  growing beard is not as easy as it sounds. Not all men can grow black and bushy beard. Sometimes the beard grows in a certain place in the form of patches or the mustache doesn’t seem to attach to your beard. For all we know is that how great men look with a well-tamed beard. As we all know many are not that well in maintaining and grooming, it takes a lot of practice for them to learn all this. Regular trimming of beard and products are used to get that handsome looking beard.

There are few products on the market that will help in grooming and grow the beard.I like to try beard balm vs oil

  1. A serum that will help in growing beard that is extra tough. The serum is composed of natural oils which have vitamins necessary for the beard which will help in nurturing them so that you can grow a dark and tough beard. The serum also provides moisturization to the beard which will prevent dryness of the beard which might intern lead to pain in the roots of the beard.
  2. There are products that will help you cover the patchy area that is one of the common problems of growing beard. The hair on your chin grows faster than the hair on your cheeks which looks very bad. The trick here is to trim the hair which grows faster to match the ones that grow slowly. Following which you need to use this balm that will give the beard fuller feeling. These balms have naturally extracted components that are formulated to help in the faster growth of beard as well as keep it groomed.